VSP / HDT Machine


Kaiser HDT/VSP Tester with Cooling System is used to determine the deflection temperature limit for
specific application and comparing the heat softening characteristics of thermoplastic material at a
constant load in all media upto 300 Deg.C.


Plastic materials, being heat sensitive in nature, have a lot of bearing on thermal environment of
its performance. Thoough their behaviour in thermal condition is very complex, some simple yield
tests are used to predict its behaviour and performance in a given condition. 'Vicat Softening Point'
or 'Heat Deflection Temperature' is one of such yield points very cmmonly employed with such
demanding applications. Vicat test consisst of penetrating a unit size indenter in a plastic surface
with predefined load under constant rate of environmental temperature rise.


Heat distortion test, consists of deflecting a simply supported beam of test material under similar
heating conditions and with a predefined stress application.

Specification :

Model Name Analog VSP Analog HDT Analog HDT/VSP Computerised VSP Computerised HDT Computerised HDT/VSP
Temperature Range Ambient to 250˚C Ambient to 250˚C
Temperature Rate of rise Selectable (50 Deg.C/hr or 120 Deg.C/hr) Selectable (50 Deg.C/hr or 120 Deg.C/hr)
Displacement measuring Dial Guage Electronic Displacement Sensor
Station Up to 1 station to 8 Stations Up to 1 station to 8 Stations
Bath Capacity 9 ltrs. To 20 ltrs. 9 lts. To 20 ltrs.
Cooling Through Tape Water Through Tape Water
Interface N.A. RS 232 USB Port
Body Inner Stainless Steel &  Mild Steel body with powder coated Inner Stainless Steel &  Mild Steel body with powder coated
Power Supply 230 VAC, 50 Hz, Single Phase 230 VAC, 50 Hz, Single Phase
Scope of Supply Machine with above specifications excluding oil
Standard IS 4985


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VSP / HDT Machine